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Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Welcome to Paws ‘n’ Claws Veterinary Hospital, your trusted provider of top-notch veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA!

Choosing the right veterinarian for your furry friend is essential. Many pet owners are faced with a variety of options when it comes to veterinary care. Through our veterinary expertise, rest assured that we understand exactly what your pets need for a healthier life.

Our approach sets us apart by focusing on compassionate care and incorporating continuous education and innovation into our practice. Discover how we ensure your pet’s vibrant health through excellent care today!

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Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Where Paws and Claws Meet

Our Comprehensive Services

At Paws ‘n’ Claws Veterinary Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services to meet all your pet’s healthcare needs. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff is here to ensure that your furry family members receive the highest quality of care, tailored to their unique requirements.

Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Our Veterinary Approach

At Paws ‘n’ Claws Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian approach centers on providing comprehensive care that meets the specific needs of every animal, from dogs and cats to exotic and pocket pets!

We believe in a proactive strategy for maintaining your pet’s health, which includes preventative care services aimed at ensuring a healthy life for every animal we see.

Our team passionately works to prevent diseases before they start by offering vaccinations, regular health exams, and personalized vet care plans. We integrate high-quality veterinary experience with compassionate service to create a positive experience for both pets and their owners.

Every decision our veterinarians make is guided by the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes for your pets while upholding the highest standards of veterinary medicine.

Championing Pet Health, One Paw at a Time

At Paws ‘n’ Claws Veterinary Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality care for every pet that walks through our doors.

Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Why Choose Our Veterinary Practice?

Discover why our veterinary practice stands out, making Paws ‘n’ Claws Veterinary Hospital is the best choice for your pet’s care.

Compassionate Care

We treat every pet with deep empathy and kindness, recognizing that pets are cherished members of families. Our clinic ensures a calm environment for both pets and owners that helps make visits to the vet less daunting.

This commitment to compassionate care has earned us the trust of numerous pet owners who seek only the best for their beloved companions.

Personalized Veterinary Solutions

Each pet has its unique needs and health concerns. Understanding this, our method includes working closely with you to create a care plan that fits your pet’s individual requirements perfectly.

With a commitment to providing customized solutions, we help keep your pet’s health at its best through every stage of their life.

Experienced Expertise

Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience in veterinary care. We continually hone our craft through ongoing education and practical experience. As pet care develops, so does our practice, ensuring we always offer the most current and effective treatments.

Client-Centered Approach

With a committed team on board, we work hand in hand with pet owners, getting you involved in the decision-making process to guarantee treatments are perfectly matched to what’s best for your dogs, cats, exotic, and even pocket pets!

Convenient Services

We offer a variety of services designed to make your visits to the veterinarian as easy and stress-free as possible. You can easily find an appointment that fits into your busy schedule, ensuring that your pet receives the care they need without throwing off your day.

Our Commitment to Your Pets

Our commitment to your pets goes beyond medical expertise. We understand the deep bond you share with your four-legged companions, and that’s why we treat them with the same care and compassion as if they were our own. We take pride in being a trusted partner in your pet’s health journey, offering personalized care that suits their unique needs.

Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

Compassion and Empathy

We approach every pet with the utmost compassion and empathy, recognizing that they are not just animals but beloved members of your family. Our commitment to compassionate care ensures that your pets receive the respect, kindness, and love they deserve.

Continuous Education and Innovation

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Our commitment to continuous education and innovation means that we employ the latest advancements in the field to ensure the best possible care for your pets.

Transparent Communication

We believe in open and transparent communication with our clients. Our commitment to keeping you informed, involved, and confident in your pet’s care is unwavering. You can trust that we will provide you with clear and comprehensive information about your pet’s health and treatment options.

Why We’re the Cat’s Meow

Paws to Reflect

Happy Tails from Our Clients

Very Professional and kind people. We took my dog for emergency care and they received us and treated my dog. Pepper my dog is doing great now.

Rudy M

We moved into Yorba Linda and found this place in Google Maps. Gave them a call they were so pleasant to work with and get everything situated in terms of obtaining records from our previous place. Good service, great people.

Peter S

Paws n Claws is the only place I will ever take my fur babies! I take my cats there for care & boarding and I know they are in the best hands. The staff is always so friendly and the veterinarians are very attentive. Its a good feeling to not have to worry about your pets and with Paws n Claws I know my pets are being taken care of in the best way! Highly recommend!!

Debbie M

Paws n Claws is the only place I will ever take my fur babies! I take my cats there for care & boarding and I know they are in the best hands. The staff is always so friendly and the veterinarians are very attentive. Its a good feeling to not have to worry about your pets and with Paws n Claws I know my pets are being taken care of in the best way! Highly recommend!!

Jacqueline H

Love Dr. Caroline and Dr. Glen. They literally took my puppy home with them over the weekend to be sure she was okay. Best vets ever!!!

Lisa Marie G
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Paws and Answers

Your Frequently Asked Questions!

What types of services do you offer?

Medical Services
  • Dental Hygiene Care
  • Surgery
  • Allergy Testing
  • Ultrasonography
  • DNA Testing
  • In-House Diagnostics
  • In-House Pharmacy
Specialty Services
  • Exotic Pet Exams
  • Grooming
  • Health Certificates
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Boarding Facility
  • Paws ‘n’ Play Day Care

What types of pets do you treat?

At Paws n Claws Veterinary Hospital, we treat the following types of pets

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Exotic Animals
  • Pocket Pets

Paws ‘n’ Claws offers services such as wing, beak, and teeth trimming for your non-canine and feline friends.

Do you accept emergencies?

During business hours, we are able to take emergency cases. We ask that you call ahead so our team can assess the situation before you bring in your pet.

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Do you accept appointments? Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we offer and prefer that you request an appointment before your visit to our practice! Click below to request an appointment or download our app to request an appointment and many other things!

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What are your hours of operation?

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: Closed

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Paws n Claws Veterinary Hospital is happy to accept the following:

Standard Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Check (with valid ID)
  • Debit Card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
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Veterinarian in Yorba Linda, CA

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